Sandy’s day is coming



Today I had a phone call from Adrian Givoy public relations manager of Indian Australia to give me some good news, a black Scout was available for me to pick-up next week (I had originally ordered Red) I declined, so in theory a red one should be available in May with the next shipment, I declined so somebody will get a surprise. This time I was impressed that Indian have offered the option to early ordered buyers, seems they are learning and I thanked Adrian for that, the good news is Sandy Barthelmie will get her Scout very soon and as the longest waiting on the order list I’m happy for her, she’s pictured above on Dave Wallace’s bike recently at the Sitting Bull Rally. So at the moment I’m tempted to wait for the 2016 model that will probably launch at Sturgis in August which means these versions will arrive late Spring or early Summer, I have that decision to make in May in the middle of winter