Scouts everywhere except here



So there are plenty of Red Scouts well in America at least, I believe the one that was going to be delivered to the owner in ACT (Canberra) fall off the back of the truck it was being delivered to on its way to Sydney. Also a picture of a gullible fool (your webmaster) on the bike he was promised in late October and never ever received, still I digress  and that’s all behind me now maybe next year. Other Scouts in history are more interesting the Clymer Scout made in the 70″s, well actually only one got me & why wasnt it a Chief and man that’s ugly, hard to imagine Mrs Clymer riding it after her $250 version from the thirties the “Universal Motorcycle with Universal appeal” powerful enough for a motor cop and light enough for a girl to ride, it is claimed well somethings have changed cops don’t ride Indians and although girls could still ride a Scout they will find it difficult to buy one!