Self Flagellation on your Indian


Self flagellation on a C-344B Indian is easy and something I have to psychic my self up to ride it, why you may ask, well until today I had a bad set of head stem bearings in my old Army Chief it was a horror to ride, like it had a tight steering damper, a getaway from traffic lights was a mastery in itself without bouncing of car doors either side. A Army Chief isn’t refined and originally with heavy-duty seat post a sidecar rear suspension (replaced on mine) made you feel like you had gone a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson, those GI’s in the last WWII were a lot younger and tougher than me though, meanwhile with the last 6 months of rain all the roads are in a bad state of repair with pot holes big enough to swallow a B Double, last week the Teepee Rally was on at Llanelly and the roads in that area were atrocious and a few weeks before that a the Crazy Horse Rally in Coroyong as well, I took the new 2015 Scout and was a little smug about my Fournales “Air-Spring” rear shocks but surprisingly it was a pain on even the modern machine. So today I rode the Army Chief and after fitting the taper roller headstem kit I was really surprised how comfortable the old girl is, Guy Allan our esteemed editor and full time journalist with Motorcycle Trader has often told me he finds his old 1947 Chief more comfortable than some modern cruisers, I can believe him the old Springfield models take a lot of beating in the suspension area you need to ride one sometimes to appreciate how good they were thats why next weeks Sunday Ride you will see the old model out on the roads.