Sidecars are go!



Winter has hit with a vengeance and your bike is sitting in the shed with a cover over it because it could fall over on a wet road, well how about a sidecar on your Indian plenty of models pictured fitted onto both new and old versions. Sidecar riders these days are treated with suspicion because you can’t have the same fun on one as I was once told, that was before I took this misinformed individual for a ride after screaming to let him out after a few minutes I realized I was having more fun than him, still I have ridden them for 45 years and raced them as well for some years I gave him the ride of his life! I own two outfits at the moment and would like another the only problem is they take up the room of a small car and two solos fit better than an outfit in a garage, riding solos is a lot of fun but only half as much as a well set up chair you can potentially on a late-model outfit blitz any car on the road and they handle better than a sports car to boot I never could see the attraction of MG’s I could outhandle, outbrake, and outperform any of them on a rigid frame Triumph Thunderbird and it could carry the same amount of passengers and you got wet in bad weather in the MG as the T-Bird, so think about it you will never use your stand again have plenty of room for gear and even for an extra passenger. This weekend the Rain in the Face Winter Rally is on a nice time for a outfit you can put a thermos of hot soup in, spare gloves a umbrella and all your gear will be dry with spare room for the dog even