Splitdorf generators available at last


Zorro’s is pleased to announce its appointment as distributor for a range of replica Splitdorf generator. These generators were fitted to a lot of early US made machines Indian,Cleveland, Ace, Reading Standard and others in the 1920’s and 1930’s. These generators are becoming increasingly difficult to find and as the age approaches nearly 100 years old they are becoming more difficult to repair. The new replicas are made in Europe using modern materials and have been available for over 5 years performing well.

Zorro’s will take a representation of these units into stock but essentially the DU5 model and DU7 models were the common ones. These generators are available in both long shaft and short shaft versions in either clockwise or counter clockwise specification. For availability contact Mark on 0433 106669 or go to the Zorro’s website www.zorros.net.au prices start around $1500.00 dependant on specifications.