Start them young, now!

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A great group of photos from the last century, kids those years were really interested in motorcycles I suppose some had no choice as these were the only form of transport available for a large percentage of the population. This concept is sadly now lost when kids get freighted everywhere by Mum’s S.U.V they have little interest in motorcycles or some see no need for them except a novelty value, or some “Silly old Bugger” down the road has one in the shed that wakes them early some mornings. Sad is’nt it, this is where you need to get your motorcycle out  and encourage young people to ask questions we need a new generation of riders to take the reins before nobody cares & the government legislates them off the road, this would be a shame and your treasured Indian may end up in the scrap 50 years from now as there is no one that cares & the scrap metal price is worth more than your Indian 4, you cant do much about the future but remember you are only a current caretaker of your motorcycle at this present time, without future generations your machine is doomed!