Strawberries to Pigs

You know the really weird thing about IIRA rallies or events is how many people say they are looking forward to the next one or we need more things like this, problem is zero support. For example everybody wants more social events for their partner to participate in, so we organise a Christmas in July dinner at a really nice hotel, and guess how many people are coming, 15,20, 25 no about eight yes thats right EIGHT. So how about the rallies that should pull at least 25,30 or more well no about 12-16 if we are lucky, what about Association rides then surely at least 15 or more, no actually 6-8 on average. So you hard working committee decided that if we cant get your support with some events then we will invite VRV (Vincent Riders Victoria) members to a few rides and rallies as the have plenty in common with IIRA this is happening next July monthly ride and the Crazy Horse Rally in October, guess what the VRV members are booking out the accomodation at The Southern Grampians Cottages, already and guess what our complacent members will miss out and have to go 5 klms away from the rally headquarters as Dunkeld is really only a village, oh well we can only say when you ask at the end of September you were told months in advance the entries for the event have been out 2 weeks already. If you want to go to the Christmas in July ring Pete Kime now or if you want to go to the Crazy Horse Rally fill out the entry under to Town Crier.