Tank de-rusting

Done this before on a blog but a repeat in this time when we are all self isolating wont do any harm, one severely rusted fuel tank because no fuel stabiliser was added and the modern fuels which has a shelf life of about 3 weeks ,YES 3 Weeks, starts to go off and smells like Turps. One old pre-intellegent battery charger, one sacrificial steel tube, one rubber chair leg end (for the end of the tube) and two plastic clothes pegs, one bag of $4.50 washing soda from Woolies, and some fresh water. Remove the fuel taps and plug holes mix 8 scoops of Washing soda into a couple of buckets of water mix well and pour into the fuel tank right to the top, drop in the steel tube and insulate it from touching the filler neck with the pegs, plug the negative lead onto the petrol tap hole blanking plug, then attach the positive to the steel rod and switch the charger on high then leave it go for 2-3 hours. the sludge that comes out will amaze you note picture above, it wont damage your paintwork that can be washed off later, every few hours remove the steel tube and wire brush off as it becomes inert covered in sludge, about 24 hours later remove the fluid and hose the tank out, some really bad tanks will need a second go, thats it and thanks to Paul Taylor for the tank to recover from scrap. Don’t forget fuel stabiliser to stop the fuel breaking down in the future.