Tech Article Area is open

We have started a Tech Article area for people who sometime need some advice on repairs or mods to their Indian, this first one is the re-print of the Electric Moccasin article by Phillip White  that was printed in our quarterly magazine Smoke Signals. There is another in the wind about Topping Your Chief  that proves you don’t need a $1000,000 to fix your machine that some of the professionals charge, basically our machines were built in a simpler time where regular maintenance was done in the field not in a high-tech workshop, as a matter of fact lots of Indian’s in WW11 were overhauled in very adverse conditions with service personal that were trained in 3 weeks (see pictures below)! The Myth that surrounds Indian’s that they are hard to repair astounds many, but in saying this they must be repaired to factory specs & methodically to have a useful reliable service life with regular maintenance, some things such as machining or welding need to be given to a professional that can be provided by the many listed in our Parts & Repairers Area, meanwhile enjoy the first article in our series.

This section is open to all enthusiasts whether you are a IIRA member or not. If you have some expertise or handy hints on keeping those wheels turning we would like to hear from you. Just drop us a line at or .If you are a club member and require help on a particular problem just log onto our “Members Only” area .

Thanks to Australian War Memorial for use of their photos which were copyrighted but are now expired, these pictures are on public domain