Thanks for your hard work guys

Mark Barthelmie

Steve York

This time of year after the AGM you get changes in committee, actually three this year with Mark Barthelmie (President) & Steve & Chrissie York ( Secretary & Social Sec), a lot of time goes into these positions that we all take for granted & of course we should’nt. Mark is a example of this, a true leader for the last couple of years, he was “Green” when he took the job & steered us through tough patches, then went on to help set up a lot of our Regalia, became a perfect P.R person & was our front man for talks with Polaris-Indian, signed up many new members, and organized advertising, not to say anything of his tireless work setting up our 16 month calendar soon to be available, plus being a person I personally & all our members regard a a close friend, as a new member recently told me “I feel at home here already” Mark of course & his wife Sandy were behind all of this. Steve & Chrissy are the same types of people always at the meetings working behind the scenes, and Chrissy setting up great unforgettable Social Functions, & Steve beside her doing Secretary type of work & doing back-up on runs. Great people all of them & be sure to tell all the Committee occasionally Thank You