That Old Hoary Chestnut Bloody Fuel taps, relief is at hand

fuel taps

Sometime ago I wrote and lamented on the terrible fuel taps available for Springfield models (03/02/2012) & I complained that they all leaked from Starklite Cycles & the hard chrome versions from Greer’s were at the very best worse & the cost more to boot.Today this is in the past as ball valves taps are un-leakable, no more stinking fingers or pools of fuel under your machine, or even worse yellow stained chaincases, at $49.95 a piece this is something you must buy.Zorro’s have them in stock, Mark the proprietor  just sent this review

“Fuel Valve Fits Chief Scout and all bikes wih 1/8 NPT Male input” 

Ever wanted a reliable and modern fuel tap, (Petcock or Fuel valve) a fuel tap that you can turn on and off without using a pipe wrench or adjustable pliers. A fuel tap that will not leak the precious amber nectar and make you hands and garage smell of petrol with the consequential complaint from her indoors.Well now you can have a tap that does all these things and more.  It fits perfectly in the place of your original Indian Chief or Scout fuel tap with modern hard chrome plated ball valve and Viton/PTFE seals this tap will give you hours of reliable use.

 Zorro’s link