That year went fast

Seems only 6 months ago since Christmas was here, strange as when I was a kid it took two years to come around. Seriously though things go fast these days the year included, in this past 12 months we did the Midnight Express in January (and its up again on 11th of Jan 2020) followed by the Sitting Bull Rally at Inverloch in February, then the Rain in the face Rally in June, the Crazy Horse in October thats not counting monthly meetings (none on this month) 1st Sunday of the month rides and Christmas in July as well as the Christmas Party last week! Next years starts with a bang with all of the above except the Crazy Horse in October which is replaced with the 10 day Anniversary ride to Harndorf S.Aust. So that means plenty of fun and over the Christmas break get your Indian in tip-top riding condition as they still require maintenance.