That’s not a real Indian or Morgan ( Sorry Clive it is)


We have all heard those chant’s just add in the brand name:Indian,,Crocker,Henderson,Norton, Triumph,Ariel,Royal Enfield,BSA,Matchless,AJS,Velocette,Vincent,& the cars Mini,VW Beetle,Maybach,Bugatti,Morgan, Ford (when not made in USA) so if they are not real build one yourself & then put one of the above names on it to see what happens, in a month you will have a court writ on you to sue for thousands of $’s. Tomorrow you will see a real Indian engine produced by Polaris-Indian as real as any “clunker” that Springfield produced remember that when a whole bike is made later this year, all the narrow minded people with the “End of Story 1953 “T”shirts remember this, the “IIRA have always supported any Indian ever made whatever year”, bet there is going to be a lot of people regretting what they said not long ago. The picture above is a real Morgan as real as any with a 2lt S&S engine disc brakes & a Mazda 5 speed gearbox first one since 1939 I believe, Steve York sent the picture of the most reliable Indian he says, with zero miles, he does’nt quote hours though apparently it was originally fitted to a despatch tow