The Bendigo club has the same problem

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The ongoing costs on delivery of hardcopy newsletters is getting worse, I have reproduced with their permission the efficiency of the post and thats pretty slow

Dear BHMCC Member, As you are aware, Australia Post has altered our postal service to our detriment. It now costs $1 per letter, but even worse, it does not guarantee a delivery date sooner than six working days. This might appear ok to a modern CEO on 4.7 million a year but it doesn’t work for us. It took in excess of six days for one member to receive his Good Oil when he lived about 1/2 kilometre from the post office where it was posted, and he was not alone. A quick bit of arithmetic (which our 4.7million dollar CEO appears not able to do) reveals that the newsletter travelled to his letterbox at the frightening velocity of 0.00347 km/hour. That works out to be about 3.47 m/hour.So the club has tried to relieve this imposition by moving as many recipients of the Good Oil as possible onto email. Unfortunately this will no doubt inconvenience some members but on the brighter side it has some benefits to the Club. The Club currently has a total membership including associated organizations of 261. Of this number 197 are to receive the newsletter by email and at $1.00 each if these were posted this would add up to about $2,364 per year.Another advantage of the email system is the rapid notification of any changes within the Club at no cost.Because of the slow delivery of letters the Club cannot guarantee that the posted newsletter can be received before the General Meetings. This is because there is only two weeks between the Committee Meetings and General Meetings which leaves little time for the compilation and delivery of the newsletter, especially if there are holidays etc in between.