The Chairman

The Crazy Horse Rally 2020 was most memorable at Yackandandah last weekend plenty of people, good meals, excellent accomodation and a fantastic ride on the Saturday although 39C it was good to escape the recent lockdown. Gary Hogg led the ride and nobody broke down or got lost which was remarkable, new member Jon Shea (pictured in the sidecar) had a great time and as a ex-superbike and MX rider was very happy with his recently acquired 1946 Chief and is itching for the next rally in Inverloch come early February, he’s pictured with Club Captain Owen Jones as a passenger in a outfit, so impressed he’s looking for a sidecar chassis to cart his dog around. The only problem with our events is they are not long enough and we eat to much, beside that roll on the Sitting Bull in Feb, our new Clubman of the year was announced Sandy Ayres the first time a woman has won it, congrats Sandy.