The Gypsy Tour 2018 the Old Hume




With Chris Horner announcing the Gypsy Tour in 2018 following the old Hume Hwy I can’t wait, obviously it won’t be like the road pictured above pictured over 100 years ago as it was well sealed by 1950 in Victoria anyway, NSW wasn’t but by the early sixties was. The problem with the Hume freeway today is that’s it’s possibly the most boring piece of road around I remember going up the old highway with my parents as a youngster and although the cars were slower and hotter in summer there was always a chance for a stop and a cold Tarax along the many little towns it passed through and that’s part of our fabric that’s missing today. So needless to say I’m booking pronto as the cutoff at around twenty souls is all that Chris will cater for, if you are thinking of going contact him,it will go to Sydney and come back on the Princes Hwy so quite a number of miles for your Indian and probably be in March for about 12-16 days , think about it.