The International Gypsy Tour 2016 to Tassie, some rules



So next Tuesday night at the monthly meeting the details will be out for the International Gypsy Tour 2016 around Tassie in March 7-12 there will only be room for 20 going and 10 places are spoken for already, naturally Indian Riders are the first choice & favoured of any era. Deposit of $1000 will be asked for as Ferry dates will need to be booked & locked in, also you must accompany your machine over and back, participants must be either NSW Motorcycle Alliance or RACV Roadside cover members & all accommodation will be booked for you with your deposit though meals are your responsibility please average around $100-$150 a day for meals fuel and lodging. Your deposit secures the ferry and accommodation the difference will be paid by you and there is a rally fund expense for fuel for the breakdown vehicle which will be following we will only be using it for emergencies, no dead or spare bikes will be carried, so no you can’t have a spare bike carried for you but your broken down bike will be transported till you repair it or it will be used as spares to fix other dead or dying machines. All baggage will be down to a carry on aircraft bag anything else you carry as the picture above shows (Thanks Life magazine). As I said the itinerary is out next week ask Chris Horner 0418374624 for details