The Scout that got away

It seems every motorcyclist has an Indian story.
Was showing off a recently-acquired 2003 Chief Vintage to a mate today and he related the story of Bob.
A kindly uncle, who owned a bike shop some decades ago, decided to give Bob an old Scout to play with. They were worth nothing at the time and this was a way to keep the young lad busy and maybe get his mind off girls for a few minutes.
Bob reckoned he wasn’t really cut out for bikes and quickly swapped the old motorcycle for a shiny new glowplug engine for his model plane. The tiny machine promptly rewarded him by starting instantly at full noise and trying to take his arm off. All of a sudden, Bob lost interest in planes, too.
Nearly a quarter of a century later, Bob  has that rotten little engine gathering dust in a corner of his shed. We’re told he still dreams of what might have happened if he’d kept his uncle’s present…

Guy ‘Guido’ Allen