The Sunday Ride, 10 happy riders


Last Sunday’s ride to Yea had all the elements, a forecast for fine weather, a mix of old and new Indian’s, a classic car, and a good meal. The weather to Kinglake was overcast and a few moist patches which had me wishing I had bought my warmer gloves, but beside my cheap reading glasses falling out of my bag and being run over by a car the day was uneventful, Richard Onyon’s 1945 Chief stopped for a few minutes with a small electrical problem and my 1944 Army Chief didn’t miss a beat, at the Kinglake morning tea stop a lot of other riders already there were quite amazed at the roll up of the Indian’s needless to say after a quick stop Owen Jones our lead rider was off to Yea and here the weather became fine and again we managed to meet to more Indian riders on a Scout and a Vintage that showed interest in joining our Association. After a magnificent lunch at the Yea Hotel we all meandered off back to Whittlesea to each leave for our final destination home, I would like to thank all that attended and Owen Jones for organising the ride and I’m looking forward to our next ride the Christmas Party