The Underestimated Scout

I remember years ago asking my father about Indian’s (he was a Triumph man) beside all the comments about heavy, agricultural, and cheap at $5 down the Army Disposals, he was adamant they were gutless as well! Fair enough the bike he was talking about was the Scout and he had never heard of Burt Munro or his famous Scout so he was probably right except the new modern Scouts now are the fastest Indian’s but the old one’s can be made to go quicker by boring and stroking, seriously the old 741 is probably the bike for the 21st Century being much lighter and easier to handle than a 1948 Chief and quite fixable and plenty of spares as well. I can hear Sports Scout owners raving about how quick their bike is (pre-1940) and they were but like a Vincent Comet they were never a Rapide or Shadow then the Scout is’nt a small Chief it should be taken on its on merits, around the city or a short ride they are quite charming but long distance high speed riding is not their forte probably the reason that Indian made them in the first place.