The W.AUST News Is in. & its Harley Friday

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I am proud to see the W.Aust Indian Club embracing the new Indians, we also based the IIRA on this standard it encompasses the logic of the continuing history and ensures unlike the dinosaurs of the past that there will be a healthy future, this has also become a standard of the Indian Club of Prague and many others, there were those that were fearful we would be overrun by new machines, seriously it’s not happening and the new owners love the old Springfield versions some have even bought them! I have watched the Vintage Club, Velocette Owners Club, Vincent Owners Club, as the years pass diminish in membership, others such as the BSA Owners are growing (mainly Triumph Owners) and of course the Classic Club of Victoria, why is this happening easy it’s called tolerance, the Classic Club (nearly 500 members) accepts all machines but their core membership is + 25-year-old machines, the BSA Owners accept all British machines including Hinkley Triumphs and their annual All British Rally can get 10,000 over 3 days, plus people visiting including 1200 + people entering the rally event. I believe this is a great basis for our future and we will always be proud this rule in our constitution” a Indian is a Indian end of story”  

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