There seems to be a resurgence


With last weekends run in the depths of winter, and new ride coordinator Owen Jones concerned that numbers would be down it seems that the run had massive support, I know that The Moto-Bean at Malmsberry is a delightful place to visit as in the past it was not to far to travel and the atmosphere during lunch surrounded by various classic machines is a popular destination. All well and good I know my mate Pete Kime was chuffed about the support this event gained, and also to others that lead the ride that day, I think personally this is what the IIRA is all about, riding your bike and preferably a Indian “chewing the fat” with fellow motorcyclists & with a meeting once a month to see what’s planned for the next event. A non-political club is all most people want, and heaven knows our Federal Politicians are giving us the opposite of that presently. I’m striving for that (less political) in our future,our charter says “We are here to have Fun,Fun,Fun that’s all I want.