Those other Indians in 1949



You read all the history books on Indian in 1949 and it was the equivalent of the Dark Ages, speculation and rumours, but beside the supposed six Chiefs with foot change and hand clutch, oh also a Torque Evener most Indian buffs will tell you the Springfield factory was in hibernation fortunately no, Indian Sales was “flat-out” with Scout’s & Arrows and C-Z who latter in their life built world-beating M-X’s, the Milwaukee Tractor company were selling Hummer’s (read BSA Bantam clone) and this little C-Z would have blown the socks off them in speed and reliability. The Vincent factory parallels Indian at this time they were selling NSU motorcycles and the cycle attachment Vincent FireFly and also hoping Indian were about to order a stack on Vindians and Indian-Vincents which would save them from the receiver worse luck it was the beginning of the end for both firms Indian stopping full production in 1953. and Vincent December 1955