Vale John Treise ( The Professor)

I met John many years ago when he had a factory in Brunswick, and he imported the very first Buell’s into Australia, he was a “motor mouth” and could “talk the leg off a chair” but man he knew what he was on about. The things he could do with metal were legendary and especially H-D”s which he made 2 litre engines and sold them to the yanks in the mid seventies, strangely he started on BSA R3 “s so was well versed in pommey bikes as well, his genius extended to all bikes and he raced a old iron Sportster with such vigour and success that it was victorious against proper period race bikes in Classic Racing. Latterly John machined Series A crankcases for the 15 replica Vincent’s that have been reproduced, and built a racing version for himself as well as riding around the outback on dirt bikes, unfortunately John got a cancer scare about 10 years ago and we all thought he was “ on the ropes” then but surprisingly being a tough old bird he survived until yesterday, I knew he had been ill in the last few months,but we all hoped for the best unfortunately he has left us, guys like this don’t come along often and as with another great engineer that was his mate Karel Morlang  was fond of calling John “the Professor” they will be comparing race notes together, R.I.P mate