What a blast, Gypsy Tour of Tassie 2024

How do you write a snapshot of the recent Gypsy Tour if you’re been following the Facebook page of the IIRA you will have seen Gary Hogg’s living maps with a day to day update of what happened. After 44 times going to Tassie since 1977 I’m looking forward to going again next year to the National Vincent rally and have already booked, what amazes me is after 2 years of advertising this event in the end only 5 came out of 12 that expressed interest all I can say is your not getting any younger and seize the day because these opportunities are meant to get your machine out on the road. Jason Douglas drove the back up Mercedes Vito of Dave Kimpton’s and it was a positive benefit to all as our bikes were not loaded down with luggage, no flat tyres if anyone got ill or we had a breakdown it was simple, nothing happened anyway. I decided to not take my  Vindian at the last moment as all the others were on pre 1976 machines I rode my Vincati instead same as Owen Jones, Gary Hogg was Triumph as was Dave Kimpton, we had a guest on a 1978  BMW R80 and also a mate of Dave’s and a ex member on a Hog. The weather was fine all the way  except for one morning at Eaglehawk Neck, the food was fantastic as usual and the roads superb the next trip might be on in March 2026 if you interested, if your not we don’t care we had a fantastic time and are all ready to go again.