What the hell is happening?

Plenty, its just all the personal things keep getting in the way and family things added, in a nutshell the website is in the process of a complete overhaul and I know you will say this has happened before and we reverted to old faithful but this time it is happening and it will be easier on devices such as ipad and iphone etc. One of our ex-members is back on board that set up the original website welcome back Richard Monty so keep watching for changes. Next our new ride Captain Dave Catterill is really going well and plenty of new monthly rides are coming up to look forward to, there are new faces nominating for the next AGM up next month and we welcome regular change for progress. There is an Association ride this Sunday so all info is down in the calendar rides in winter are planned to be shorter and start later finishing earlier of course. Don’t forget the monthly meeting tonight at the Pascoe Vale Hotel.