What to do if you Indian ends up like this

The first thing is worry about yourself not your bike and if they need or want to cart you off to hospital then do it. After that generally the police will have attended if someone is hurt so a accident report will be done and the person in the wrong will be charged. The next issue is the other person that generally thinks all motorcycles are Harley-Davidson and the riders are bikies, the worst is that they think motorcycles are cheaper than cars and they all cost under $5k. So after your insurance company or assessor has quoted the machine the next thing is he/she were insured and so were you if not you have to take civil action with a lawyer and claim for the bike and all your damaged clothing and m/cycle gear. Problem arises if you personally hav’nt got the money for repairs and there was no insurance it can take months and months for such claims and that can get worse if the person was broke and with zero assets you may get paid $20 a week over years! So unless you are capable of repairing your own bike I suggest Shannon’s who are in our advertisers area, the beauty is that they will fix your machine through a qualified repairer and if the other person is uninsured they will pursue them.