What you can”t do is pay your permit, only cheque or cash or visit!

What a wank, the only thing we need off Vic Roads is to be able to have a new system to pay our red plate permit without a cheque book or visiting them with cash or a credit card, they have brought in substantial changes but not ones that are needed in my opinion, I would like to pay at the post office or better still with my credit card like my normal vehicle registration please.

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The impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) has meant changes to the way VicRoads does business and provides services to our customers. So, we’ve been working hard to make it easier for you to complete many of our registration and licensing transactions online.
What’s new?We’ve enhanced some of our existing services, so you don’t have to visit a Customer Service Centre. You can now complete the following online through your myVicRoads account or over the phone:Renew your licence (This includes renewing your licence even if you need a new photo!)Replace your licence or permitApply for a registration concessionCancel your registration and apply for a refundSell and transfer your vehicleAnd just like before, you can still check or renew your registration and update your personal details. It’s easy to do – just log into your myVicRoads account.
Are drive tests still going ahead?Learner permit knowledge tests, hazard perception and drive tests for light vehicles (car, utes, vans) are currently suspended until further notice.When appointments become available again, we’ll contact everyone who had an appointment and re-book their test in priority order, at no charge. Do not cancel your appointment otherwise you’ll lose your place in the queue and have to pay again.Motorcycle and heavy vehicle tests are continuing.
What appointments are still available?You can still make appointments for registration, interstate and overseas licence change overs. Visit our online booking page for more.Visit our dedicated coronavirus (COVID-19) page for more information.
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