When The V-Rod stopped did people say Harley is going bad?

No but in truth they are feeling it with Indian sales taking some of their market growth with these sales, Harley sales are well down on compared when they were guaranteeing a buy back of new price a few years back. So Victory is ceasing to be marketed by Polaris as of this week so they can concentrate on the more profitable prestige brand Indian, thats good for a more extensive range of Indian”s and with all the development on one brand you don’t end up with a Triumph-BSA situation that happened in the seventies in that case BSA went broke, it cost tons of money to keep two separate brands, dealer networks and race teams going. The beauty of Polaris is its huge about ten times larger than Harley and not totally reliant on motorcycles to survive so if one thing good out of the Victory announcement of ceasing production it means only better things are coming.