Winter is a great time for restoration & a new ride policy


Rusty Hog

Just when your bike seems sorted & your ready to go for a blast, the weather closes in and its wet & cold. Well you could go and buy another Indian & spend some time in these wet months rebuilding a suitable project eg: the Hog pictured above, except when its finished its cost a fortune & it’s still worth half as much as an Indian! Your ride coordinators have decided that in future all Monthly Rides will now be a little more easy for you to decide if you are doubting whether you will attend or not, we are already sending all financial members SMS Texts to their phones about monthly meeting reminders in future there will be a “Bail-out” option for extremely bad weather either rain or bushfires where we consider the following day may be forecast with either conditions you will receive such a message the previous day to the ride. Rallies will not be subject to such considerations as they are booked several month’s in advance, unless we are advised by a government body ie: Vic Roads that it is unsafe to attend such a Rally  examples are listed above. Also in future all members & ride/rally attendees are required to give your mobile phone number to Peter Kime 0409 798641 for such communications or an emergency he will update your Association records