Would you restore this 4?

Guy Allen (Guido)was on about “RAT Bikes” recently, and the subject turned to unrestored vs Sh*t heaps, always a bit of a Sh*t stirrer this set me thinking when is rust good or not? John Gee had a very early H-D at his establishment Antique Motorcycles sitting in the weather, I commented on said machine & John’s answer was it was “seasoning”, another friend was doing the same to a very old Triumph rear mudguard, “to match the rest of it” he told me. Now call me old fashioned but my mate is a m/cycle painter & he tells me all those new Flat paint H-D’s are so slow selling that the local H-D agent has given him 16 sets of guards & tanks to paint “cause no one want’s them”, similar thing to a current Benz Coupe at a local dealer, the young Turks, are the only people that like them, selling 1-10 on a shiny version. So I reckon the next trend is RUST, if DuPont can make this it should sell like mad, personally if I had the Four above I would restore it, but I know lots that wouldn’t, Ferrous Oxide (rust) ounce for ounce is selling higher than Gold on the open market