You can all Go & Get Forked




Often people ask technical details, some are on our site in the Members Area, which it pays to join to get access to these extra’s, sometimes you get asked for general information on the same subject forks being one item hopefully this will save a few phone calls. On post 1947 Girder Forks if you have a sidecar fitted use the 841 short top fork links these were on the C346 as well it does help with lighter steering & although it will help with infamous handlebar shake I would suggest a steering damper. Girder forks in 841,C345,C346,C347 had needle roller bearings replace with bushes & note these bushes are not the C348 type Jerry Greer lists the replacement bush which is larger on the O.D. Post 1950 Tele-Fork models have problems with cracking lower triple-trees so blast them and check throughly new stronger ones are available from Starklite Cycles if you have any doubts at all be safe and order a new one. Remember all leaf spring models can have Taper roller Timkens fitted ring Murray Morell 08 93328826 he has these conversions on the shelf as he manufactures the special top bearing holder also the spindles & bushes & nuts for the girder fork versions