Indians at All-Brit


Indian nuts of various sorts managed to cause more than their fair share of confusion at the recent and flourishing All British Rally, in Newstead, Victoria, run by the BSA Owners Club.

Top picture is of Phil Pilgrim’s Vindian, which caused all sorts of discussion when he rolled up at the gate. The tradition is that only British bikes are allowed into the rally site, so where does a Vindian sit? After some debate, he was allowed in.

The other pic is of IIRA member Chris Horner (left), wisely avoiding physical contact with the rest of the group. Next (from left to right) is Graham Nelson, the importer of Indian-built Royal Enfields, Grant Roff (aka Spannerman) who is Editor of Motorcycle Trader magazine and IIRA webmaster Phil Pilgrim.

Guy ‘Guido’ Allen