All British Rally this week-end

INDIAN CLYMER THRUXTON 11-1Stevies 59 chieflhs_009Indian -Vincent & Vindian 2012Indian- MatchlessIndian-Norton

This week-end you can ride your Indian into the BSA owners 33rd All British Rally at Newstead Victoria, usually there are over 1000-1400 attending those on non-British Machines can park their motorcycle outside the entrance as they will not be accepted into the rally area. So all the British engined Indians either Springfield or Clymer versions are welcome, the BSA Club use the engine as a criteria so a Springfield Chief will be fine if it has Triumph, BSA, Vincent, or Norton engine fitted ,all the above Indians pictured for example are acceptable (not the Gilroy in the background ), & those people in our Association with these variants are welcome into the site for any judging etc , good thing we cover all the models “End Of Story”