The Crazy Horse was a great success

Khancoban line up741 hottieMountain View startREADY TO GO Chris & webmaster111 pack

The Crazy Horse rally was fantastic the weather even turned out well, the rides organized by Garry Hogg were honed to perfection, as well as the Saturday Morning Tea stop he provided with the traditional coffee scrolls, he is so famed as being the best baker in the Alpine area. We nearly had one failure with Ric Gow’s 741 Scout (not pictured) with wet sumping but he managed to get home 100 miles & used 2 litres of oil, the other problem was with some bikes arriving at Jinjelic on fumes, as they were out of fuel, fortunatly Walwa was 6 klm’s away so all but three dead Indians managed without fuel transfer from other machines. These rallies bring out the best in members, & there is a benefit two members potentially bought what they wanted one a Indian sidecar the other a 2003 Indian Spirit, so more reason to come next year, I hope the Footy was as good watching two other teams you don”t support play each other. The 111 Owners pack pictured donated by Indian Australia was raffled seperatly thanks chaps for the donation