The forgotton Indian Scouts

1949 brochurePink Scout

In 1949 Indian decided Triumph’s,BSA,& Norton were selling “like hot cakes” in America as they were easier to control & ride than big heavyweight Indian’s & H-D’s of yore, so being a progressive company they decided to build a revolutionary new verticle twin engine. Great except the exchange rate favoured the Brits & Indian rushed a new untried & underdevoloped range on the public (sounds familiar, like 50 years later with Gilroy versions) the consequences were disasterous Indian suffered a rash of warrenty problems, the poor old verticles were forever tarred with the un-reliable tag. Actually in 2013 these Scouts are fixable,affordable & available, people ride these bikes now sensibly and don’t look to race Triumph’s away from the traffic lights so they have become more reliable & in pink they are probably cheaper than a standard colour, maybe its time to give these Scout’s a second look