Did you miss the ride today?

I know I sure did but things are not normal with Corona Virus, strangely though your motorcycle is now ready to be worked on a perfect way of self isolating and as most of your retailers are open they can take your parts orders and post parts to you. Any merchant with a RWC licence in Australia is regarded as a essential Buisness and is waiting for your support, a customer of mine recently rang me and said” I can watch TV, talk to the missus or fix the bike, the first two were over in 20 minutes so now I needs some parts” hmm thats good for me and the bike. Recently we were told motorcycling is regarded as exercise in Victoria and NSW so you can still ride and there is no cars out there, exercise you may say? well after Ive ridden my old bike frankly I’m buggered and it feels like exercise to me anyway. A fortnight ago Pete Kime, George Fitzpatrick, Jon Munn, Phillip White, John Fontanella, Noel Thornby and your webmaster completed a 1400 klm British Motorcycle Tour of Tassie unfortunately Chris Horner had health issues at the time a cancelled out 100 motorcycles and 133 people on the ride was fantastic and the next Gypsy Tour in 2022 will probably be over the same route, even the weather was excellent. So all things on the calendar are cancelled till the government says otherwise so please be sensible, take care and stay healthy. You will notice more regular posts from me and a new version 3 of the website as we weren’t to happy with that last version very hard to use.