A lot happens in 12 months

Twelve months ago in the Indian world we had four corporate shops in Australia, there was no sign of a ‘Challenger’ model and Harley was complaining about falling sales without admitting meagre Indian Sales comparatively had any affect at all, the rest of the world was thinking of drinking Corona and not dying from it. Locally we were thinking about getting to work and going to the next fabulously planned IIRA rally, some members bought new bikes others divorced their wives and got sick with health problems, while the men at the top of Indian Australia cleared their desks. During this turmoil the Iron Indian Riders elected a new committee proposed and accepted new “Own Rules” and also By-laws, which really put us back to 2015 when we had a similar format and no the sky did’nt fall in as people expected, of course the rules are on the website for all to see as unlike other clubs your Association is proud of our new rules. In other clubs the Vincent Owners Club of Victoria was de-frocked and dismissed from the parent UK club a new Vincent Riders Victoria (VRV) was formed and is thriving. This month is a milestone for your association a decade ago we formed in March after being disillusioned from being members in another Indian Club a good move and it allowed for Indian’s of any era to enjoy rides together, last weeks Sitting Bull Rally was proof it works, the rally being completely booked out at Inverloch and 2020 Indian’s riding with Springfield models and this year in October the Anniversary Rally to Handorf in S.Aust over 10 days is on to mark this special time. Despite all the doom and gloom life must go on so enjoy yourselves and remember the Plague was a worst scenario.