Support your local Indian Dealer

How many years have I known John Gee from Antique motorcycles at least thirty, when I first met the guy he was and still is in your face tall and loud he had a cockatoo on his shoulder like a pirate from the old days and drove a rusty Falcon ute, times change but John hasn’t, ok the ute is gone and so has the parrot but beside that the real deal John is still there loving Indian’s as he always has. John has won or at least featured in every Great Race since its inception he was one of the first to push for a Indian agency after Polaris bought the company and is the guy you can personally buy a bike from, try and buy a Harley from one of the Chido’s at Peter Stevens you wont they are tucked away in a office elsewhere, yes he also runs a Gypsy tour to various places interstate and always rides a Indian everywhere and has been in the past pushing the brand on TV with Shane Jacobson (Kenny). So why all the chest thumping for a ex-parrot carrying Indian enthusiast easy he is the only independent dealer in Australia that eats, breathes and lives the marque wheather old or new, he needs your support buy a Indian or get it serviced from him and I’m all for supporting him.