This needs to be out there

How many times have you been as pleased as punch at a finished project and some P.I.A comes up and tells you you have wrecked that motorcycle and how dare you display it in public. Well personally quite a few times I seem to attract these flea brains when I pull up on a Vindian or a Vincati after you assure them that neither a Vincent, Indian or Ducati was harmed when I built them as the engines are brand new replica”s the Indian engine went back into a engineless frame and wasn’t a matching bike and the Ducati had a blown up donk! The problem these days is that if it’s not factory stock these worms take it personally, most haven’t got a bike some have never owned one, words like F++k off spring to mind although belittling these people is even better if they are boasting to the audience of friends around them, they say “he wrecked a Black Widow” then a subtle mention there was no such model they slink away, good riddance.