Tell us what we need to do

First of all what does your association do for you where does that hard earned $50 give you a year well lets list what your getting at the moment:

Four seasonal rallies a year, Sitting Bull, Rain in the Face, Crazy Horse, and Teepee Rally and every couple of years they change in destination so not to get boring

Two Christmas parties (one in winter) for a social outlet to mix in your family to our group

Eleven General meetings a year at the Pascoe Vale Hotel

Eight to Ten first Sunday of the month rides

Every five years a Gypsy Tour over 10 days usually interstate

Every ten years a Anniversary Rally (this year) usually interstate

A website to keep you informed whats happening and a Trading Post Area for you to use free

Discounts on some spares

Red Plate Club with free inspections (pre-1949 only) all paperwork supplied and filled in for you

SMS messages texted to you about events or weather conditions affecting rides etc

Some rallies meals are free and paid for usually breakfasts

Eighteen month Indian Calendar with members bikes

New members get one enamel badge (Indian owners) a cloth patch and a list of what their association is doing and meet a great bunch of fellow Indian Owners all era machines we are unique in Australia for that alone

And behind the scenes a committee working out events for your enjoyment given free four times a year

We appreciate any input or feedback from general members as well and such things are acted on promptly so any input is appreciated, personally I have been in about eight different clubs over the years and not one including any other indian Club offers its members as much for $50

“Ask not what my association can do for me, rather ask what can I do for my Association”