Indian closes company stores in Australia

Of course this is not before time, the cost of company owned shops run by company staff who are not “hungry” is much like the Government, it was time to drain the swamp in Australia and Polaris the parent company have done it. Anyway this is good as all the overheads were horrendous in Melbourne alone more or less the other areas, some of the top brass had been condemned of their running of the Australian arm publicaly in the recent times and the company refused to act but now all the “pigeons are home to roost” and I personally can only see a larger network coming in the future. Rumours of having to sell a top range model once a week to just pay the rent for a week in some metropolitan areas is not a fabrication, the prices of the spares here comparatively to the USA even with the dollar taken into account was outrageous, and to make it worse US dealers were blocked selling parts to Aussie! I remember when Indian-Victory started here and at that time and still being in the trade today I forecast this style of dealerships would fail here as in the past it had, guess what I was right again that’s what 50 years in the game gives you, hindsight.