300,000 Hits and more to come


Around two years ago I was thanking you for the fact we hit close to 20,000 hits, even I could not foreseen that it is now over 300,000! Sometimes I wonder who wants to know about until recently a machine that in its heyday is now pushing 70 years old, if Indian had stopped in 1953  would it be as popular in 2013, somehow I think not, the fact that the Floyd Clymer’s and Californian M/cycle Co (Gilroy type Indians) came about only ensured interest in the marque. About 1999 Henderson was tried to be resurrected with supposedly $90 million behind the venture unfortunately there was no interest in the brand anymore few people could remember the last new ones and less the brand name, what has happened recently has proven people recognise Indian as a brand, all that had to done was make a machine that people will accept, this has now happened whether you like or dislike current versions is irrelevant but it needs supporting no one wants to see another motorcycle brand fail, the more the merrier.