Are Indian Fours, Indians?


Recently the Indian Arrowhead TC on Facebook page have had a debate going on about  “real ” Indians, this of course is a follow on from the current version recently launched. This a great subject and one dear to my heart so I added my thoughts interestingly so did quite a few others, one guy even went to the comparison of saying is a Four a real Indian as basically it was a ACE and Indian sold it as such for a short period, another chap was saying if you a splitting hairs then anything after Hendee’s were border line! This a great debatable point same as that “old hoary chestnut” about Indians that were not built in the old State St building in Springfield. Indians have had many owners and have been built from Springfield to Europe and back to the USA, but you know what, it doesn’t matter there all Indians the same as the current version “A Indian is a Indian end of Story”