800,000 hits and more to come


Nearly 5 years ago the IIRA decided that a website would encourage news about Indians and new memberships, we had the basis already in place after I personally organized it for a similar club that zeroed the idea for another three years. Anyway it went live in August 2010 and slowly it has grown, if you would have told me that in another 5 years Indians would be back on the market and sold in a retail store in Melbourne as well as around the world I believe that I would have been sceptical but that’s whats happened or we would have a healthy membership participating in four major rallies a year and a better than 10% turn out at monthly runs I would view it as successful so I’m happy. The next rally is our Spring Rally the Crazy Horse Rally at Corryong and as I have posted the details above now is the time to book in at Mountain View Motel, within days I will have the entry forms posted and please pay into our new rally account, details above. So what happens after 1 million hits, well after that number someone else can take the job so you have been warned, on the average thats around 12 months away start thinking about the job now.