How responsible is the Association to you?


How much do we have to do for our members and what can they do to help us? This question has come up recently from a member and is easy to answer basically we owe you a motorcycle orientated club that provides camaraderie, information, club runs and rallies that I believe you receive in spades and chuck in things like free calendars, and cheap raffles your on a winner.Now what do we expect from you the member, not much actually first to enjoy and take advantage of the things we provide, the Smoke Signals magazine, the Smouldering Embers e-mag, your phone texts reminding you of your responsibilities such as runs and rallies, annual subs being due, and your Red Plate responsibility, we are not here to hand feed you and hear complaints about not receiving the magazine or your subs renewal. This is your responsibility to chase it up and don’t winge to a  committee member that you didn’t know you are unfinancial we don”t care or should we, be responsible for yourself we are not a child care centre “Man up Princess”.