Are replica’s a lot of work & money for little gain?

These two photo’s are of a replica Indian for sale in Europe, they are a lot of very hard work by usually skilled engineers to achieve a high standard, many people myself included have made replica’s in the past(Vincent Black Lightning) to name our recent Chairman Lindsay Urquart, replica 8 valve Indian Board track racer, Vindian replica engineered by Lindsay for Peter Arundel, numerous Norton Manx’s, Matchless G50,s ,Brough Superior SS100, BSA Gold Star’s, Vincent-HRD series A etc not withstanding numerous cars & boats even model airplane engines, my question is do you regard such replica’s as REAL! Most owners will tell you how they are improved sometimes so much externally they look original, but the telling answer is when it is put on the market they never ever bring the price of the original product. Three years ago the Vincent Spares Co produced a 1954 Series C Black Shadow it was completely brand new to prove it was possible to buy all the parts that are available & build a new machine, great, after the exercise it was put on the market it achieved some 20,000 stg less than a original machine! People in New Zealand where is now resides refer to it as not a REAL Vincent. This brings me back to to the above statement is a say Vincati (Vincent in a Ducati frame) worth the same as a 1952 Vincent Rapide, is a Vindian worth more than a Indian or a Vincent, as I said a lot of work for little gain but I encourage people for giving me the pleasure of seeing them