A good Question


You could answer this by saying one and five native Americans, or six which is what I would say. With over 3,000 new Indians sold in Australia in the last 18 months, we have hit another goal that the largest Indian Club in Aussie is the IRG (Indian Riders Group) admittedly it is a corporate club ran by Polaris and if you bought a new model you were issued with automatic membership but they are now by far bigger than all the other six Indian Clubs combined in Australia and with the successful range they will only get bigger. One thing the other clubs do which is specialize in Springfield only models we at the IIRA encompass all variants from 1901-2016 rather unique and it works well for some although their are people who thought the world stopped when in 1967 Indian Sales ceased trading or even more ridiculous in 1953, as we all know that Clymer models followed then in 1999 Gilroys and so on. Hard to believe since that time 16 years ago you have been able to buy a new Indian in some form & only 4 years to go to be 20 years of modern era models.