One man’s Trash is another’s Treasure


This picture is from Facebook and although it is sad, potentially there will be quite a number of machines restored from this lot. I often wonder what drives someone to dismantle their machine and never get it back together, I have after many years in the industry seen many examples of good bikes left like this and eventually scrapped, personally I hate a motorcycle in pieces and in 1991 I totally restored my 1969 Triumph Bonneville in 3 weeks a 100 point restoration, and built the “Vindian in 7 months from a running standard machine to a riding and finished machine. Whats the secret, easy don’t pull it apart till you have both the time and the money then have all parts or subcontractors all ready to go don’t even start till these things are in place because you will run out of enthusiasm and potentially the dream soon becomes a burden and a nightmare inevitably you will end up loosing bits and forget how it went together and it will be scrapped or sold.