A wet week-end in the shed with a hacksaw & angle grinder

Wet Winter Day’s or in this case Mother’s Day, a new hacksaw blade, two cut off wheels & a trusty Makita angle grinder with a spare 2 days of cutting, heating, grinding & the Super Chief as the name Indian gave this model was on the point of no return. I will be writing a full report on the Members Only page for those who are members of our Association, although snippets of information will be released on Stop Press occasionally. This will be the fourth Vindian that has been made not counting the factory version in 1948. I hope that more will be made as the hardest part is buying a Vincent engine although J.M.C in England have them available new for $25,000+  (or in Australia ring Ric O”Neill 0400 250860 who is their agent) it is possible to have the “ingredients” for $35-$40,000 not counting time for the modifications to the frame & fuel tanks. I was lucky to have nearly a whole engine minus crankcases,covers & flywheel assembly, rolling chassis owes me $14,000 as I had sold the Chief engine to recoup virtually the price of the missing Vincent engine components.